Installation instructions for plugin module

  1. Precreate farm on F5 load balanacer and create farm with exactly the same name on WFF. Do not add any farm members yet.
  2. Stop WFF service
  3. Create folder "%programfiles%\IIS\Microsoft Web Farm Framework\extensions" and put all files in distribution into that folder
  4. Modify "F5LoadBalancer.dll.config" file to point to active node of F5 loadbalancer and authentication credentials
  5. Copy "icontrol.dll" into "%programfiles%\IIS\Microsoft Web Farm Framework"
  6. Open  "%systemroot%\system32\inetsrv\config\applicationHost.config" and edit XML node below by adding attribute in bold <webFarm name="TestFarm" enabled="true" adminUserName="{0}\administrator" adminPassword="[enc:AesProvider:yABu5gy6pDr7a0n6qV6ASO3ekqq2zO8ZCcC0ZNn5vYo=:enc]" primaryServer="demoprimary" loadBalancerProvider="F5">
  7. Start WFF service

You shall  be able to add/remove pool members etc now. This release removes ability to delete pool to prevent deletion of F5 pool accidentally.

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